we are in the business of

coffee equal opportunities

through ethiopian coffee.

We are Bette Buna. A Dutch- Ethiopian coffee farmers’ family business on a mission. Growing world’s best coffees in Ethiopia, while creating equal opportunities on development for everyone who lives in the coffee community and far beyond.

We help roasters and retailers to purchase and market our sustainable Bette Buna coffee to their end consumers. In a most direct, transparent and traceable way combined with unique and personal stories. So we can change lives together, through coffee.

Explore our

Bette Buna farms

Learn about the different and unique Ethiopian coffee regions and explore our nurseries, farms and stations. Find out where the best Ethiopian specialty coffee grows and how we create equal opportunities for everyone involved in the coffee community. 

Understanding our

coffee lots

We categorize our coffee lots in four groups: farm gate lots, community lots, limited lots and special sourced lots, based on unique flavors, lot size, and consistency. All traceable back to the involved farmers.

Each lot named after a person that takes in his or her own way the responsibility of creating equal opportunities in coffee communities. 

Consistend specialty coffee lots. Traceable to a single Bette Buna farm and processed at our stations. Sustainable produced in both micro and macro lots. 

Macro lots of multiple small holders in the coffee community, all traceable and processed at our station. Every coffee season consistent in quality. Both commercial and specialty lots.

Year to year unique and outstanding quality lots. Traceable to single farm plots. Experimental fermentation and only limited produced in nano-lots.

We believe in collaboration. Our special sourced macro lots come from partner farmers in different Ethiopian coffee zones. Committed to the Bette Buna concept.

About Bette Buna

As you probably know, ‘Buna’ means coffee in Ethiopia. But while the birthplace of coffee is appreciated globally for its high and unique coffee flavor, the majority of Ethiopia’s coffee farmers barely survive. Let alone the desire of economic, social and ecological development. 

The word ‘Bette’ refers to an important house or home in Ethiopia. For us Bette Buna symbolizes a safe place of happiness and equal opportunities for personal growth and community developments. Created and benefitted by anyone who feels part of the coffee community. 

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