We're in the business of coffee equal future chances

Through Ethiopian specialty and premium coffee.

Single: Farmer - Community - Origin

We can either export directly to you, or we will facilitate you by our spot-offers in Europe.

Poverty in coffee communities isn't caused by one single thing.

So our approach addresses multiple aspects:
 Living Wage – Agri&Resilience support – Entrepreneurship

If you were us you'd be blown away..

Because we can offer you the same – or perhaps better – excellent (green) Ethiopian coffee than major coffee traders. But with a genuine, transparent and traceable story about multiple impacts in coffee communities that ends poverty and inequality.

But if you are you – and the chance is quite high – then you as a coffee roaster or retailer might think the same about Bette Buna as you do about the large established coffee traders: consistent, with EU-offers on spot and with an excellent supply chain and service .

And that’s fine with us too. Because that’s how we make impact.


while you create future chances in coffee communities.

While the global demand for quality, sustainable and traceable coffee increases, many coffee-growers in developing countries simply don’t survive. This problems are complex and include a system of several causes that influences directly and indirectly the survival of coffee-growers ánd the future of coffee.

Creating a future-proof world. Where coffee can grow sustainable while contributing positively to the ecosystem. Where all coffee growers receive enough to survive ánd develop. A world where young talent in isolated coffee communities get an equal chance on starting their business to contribute to their community. And a world where everyone can enjoy coffee. That’s part of our dream. 

Instead of acting on our own like many others, we believe we can reach extreme high-scale impact if we work transparent together in ambitious partnerships. In Ethiopia and far beyond that. 

Together- in a winning formula that benefits everyone.

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