We're in the business of
growing coffee opportunities.

Through outstanding Ethiopian specialty coffee.

Fully traceable, sustainable and impactful.

Bette Buna is an Ethiopian coffee company, our coffee is fully traceable, environmentally sustainable and impactful. We primarily work in Sidamo and Guji where we have farms, but also are beginning to work with farmers in Limu and Yirgacheffe. We started in Sidamo with our family farm in Taferi Kela, scaling our 2 hectares to 50 hectares as well as adding a washing station and a coffee nursery. 

We’ve been able to not only grow our production and improve our quality but also have much more impact by developing opportunities for the wider community. In November ‘21 we began working in Guji, this time collaborating with the local community leaders, there in the Megadu Woreda (district), we have been able to learn and share knowledge between our team and the farmers already working in this prestigious region.

Unparalleled to credit and celebrate.

At Bette Buna we are unparalleled in our ability to offer traceable lots, as every person from the tree nursery, to harvest, to processing is accounted for. We believe this is an important step in ensuring everyone is credited for their work and celebrated and also a way of ensuring there is no inequitable treatment hidden in the supply chain. Each of our lot profiles have a traceability section that lists all of the people involved in producing the coffee, over time we are planning on interviewing individuals to highlight some of the amazing people working in our community.

We are in the business of growing opportunities.

Alongside sustainable farming methods on our farms such as agroforestry methods, intercropping and natural fertilisers we have been replanting and rewilding forests in Sidamo that were cut down. We know that without natural habitats for wildlife and strong ecosystems there will be no hope of growing coffee in 30-50 years time. 

Educating our communities in the value of working harmoniously with the environment is paramount to creating a sustainable future for our rural communities.

By taking a qualitative approach and focusing on the production of specialty coffee we have been able to add value for our customers and our team here in Ethiopia. Of course higher quality coffee secures better prices but also professionalising coffee affords more opportunities for our employees and collaborators. 

Coffee is a global industry and we want to collaborate not only here in Ethiopia but also with roasters, and coffee professionals around the world. We are in the business of growing coffee, but more than that we are in the business of growing opportunities.

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