We're in the business of growing coffee opportunities.

Through outstanding Ethiopian specialty coffee.

Change the world.
Start with coffee.

We are a Dutch-Ethiopian family, growing specialty coffee and opportunities at our farms. Opportunities for specialty coffee roasters, for our planet, for our people and for the communities we work in. All at the same time.

A company where passion meets purpose.

We farm and export delicious coffee. Started by our founders Dawit and Hester only four years ago, Bette Buna has gone on to blaze a trail in Ethiopian coffee in terms of our approach to job creation and inclusion, as well as the internationally renowned coffee we produce.

Today, we grow and export with an inclusive close-knit team of family members and friends, united by our dedication to growing the world’s best coffee for coffee roasters in the world that want to stand out. While creating uplifting opportunities for our planet and communities at the same time.

Single Farm lots

Lots grown at one completely traceable single farm plot. Available in micro- and macro lots.

Limited lots

Only limited produced. Nano- and microlots. Often experimental process or unique varieties.

Community lots

Grown by our dedicated community farmers and processed by us. All lots traceable upto farmlevel.

Special Partner lots

Grown and processed by our special partners. Curated by us. Open for special sourcing requests.

Opportunities for our planet
We grow our planet towards a climate positive ecoystem. Because we only have one. Through specialty coffee.
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Opportunities for our communities
We grow our direct coffee communities towards a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem with shared value for all. Through coffee.
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Opportunities for our people
We grow people. And our people grow the opportunities. For our you, our planet and our communities. Through specialty coffee.
About us

Get your new crop coffee from our farm
directly to your roastery.

1. Offerlist

Explore our 26+ single farm and community lots. Get an insight on prices, details and cup profiles.

2. Samples

Sign up for samples and get access to detailed lot information, background stories and photos.

3. Personal offer

Convinced? We will send you a personal offer based on your wishes on volume and place of delivery.

4. Book

Return your personal offer duly signed and your coffee is booked!

5. Import & Delivery

Don't want to import? Let us link you to our importing partners!

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