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through ethiopian coffee.

We are Bette Buna. A Dutch- Ethiopian coffee farmers’ family business on a mission. Producing world’s best coffees, while creating equal opportunities on development for everyone who lives in the coffee community and far beyond.

We help importers, roasters and retailers in 50+ countries to purchase and market sustainable Bette Buna coffee to their end consumers. 

And change lives together, through coffee.

Explore our Bette Buna farms

Learn about the different and unique Ethiopian coffee regions and explore our nurseries, farms and stations. Find out where the best Ethiopian specialty coffee grows and how we create equal opportunities for everyone involved in the coffee community. 

Understand our coffee lots

We categorize our coffee lots in four groups: farm gate lots, community lots, limited lots and special sourced lots, based on unique flavors, lot size, and consistency. All traceable back to the involved farmers.

Each lot named after a person that takes in his or her own special way leadership in creating equal opportunities in coffee communities. 

High specialty quality coffee coming from one single Bette Buna farm. Both micro and macro lots with different processing methods.

Macro lots with a consistent quality. Sustainable and traceable grown by our community farmers, processed at our stations.

Outstanding unique qualities coming from one single farm plot. Experimental processing, and only limited produced as a nano-lot.

Sourcing for a different region, volume or specific requirements? Meet our reliable partner farmers. We are more than happy to assist.

The story of Bette Buna

Make history. Or be part of it.

On an early Wednesday morning in 2019, while the sun was rising at the horizon of his small farmland in the south-east of Ethiopia, the old Syoum made his regular morning walk joined by his grandson Dawit. Passing a diversity of fruit trees, flowers and old coffee shrubs, Syoums’ thoughts went back to nearly a century ago, the moment when he arrived for that very first day in this area, with no possession or any future perspective.

“You know, I did not have anything when I arrived here after those 600km by foot. Anything, except my faith in God”, Syoum explained for Dawit. With his sense of humor, Syoum added: “But, there was one woman who made it all go away by just one cup of coffee. That was your grandmother. Her sense of humor, and strong vision on the development in this village. I am still the lucky one.”.

It was in that year that Emame and Syoum got married and planted their first coffee shrubs in the land of Taferi Kela, Sidamo. They had one mission. Building a safe village, that develops economically and socially. Where everybody is and feels part of a safe community. A place like home. With and through coffee.

Dreams are only dreams. Until you wake up and make them real. 

It was not long after that walk that the old Syoum died. And the coffee farm and the families’ mission was on risk. With no children of Syoum and Emame able to take over the small farm plans for selling the land came in. It was in 2020 that grandson Dawit , his Dutch wife Hester and their two daughters, collected all of their guts, followed their -coffee and community- hearts and took over the farm. 

Combined with years of experience in international trade, speaking the language, the culture and the trust of friends and family, Dawit and Hester started their innovative plans for Bette Buna. Based on their family mission: Building a safe community that has equal opportunities to develop. A place like home, through coffee.

Today’s Bette Buna

Bette Buna has farms and stations in several Ethiopian coffee regions. We grow, process and trade coffee with scalable sustainable impact in coffee communities. With an office in Ethiopia and the Netherlands we serve customers all over the world with our quality control, export, import and logistics. But above all, we create equal opportunities for development together with our customers. Read more..

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