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From farmers to fans.

sourcing traceable sustainable Ethiopian coffee?


We are a family of coffee farmers in Ethiopia who offer you the opportunity to buy directly from us. And even better. Delivered right at your doorstep in Europe. That’s what we call a direct trade.

we group our coffee lots in 3 ways

We grow coffee. A lot! Our processing expertise combined with a little innovation guts, results in a wide range of coffee lots. From beautiful unique Guji anaerobics and naturals, to the more consistent washed Sidamo’s. All grown in a sustainable and traceable way.

limited lots

The creme de la creme of specialty coffee. For excellent specialty roasters only. You will find unique qualities and experimental processing methods. Coming in limited packaging and traceable to one specific part of the farm.

Lot sizes: 100-1.000 kg
SCA scores: 87+

farm gate lots

Outstanding flavor profiles. Consistent high qualities. Coffee to build on. As well the responsible lot-chiefs. Beautiful naturals, honeys and washed coffees. Representing the best of Ethiopia. Handled with care. Completely traceable.

Lot sizes: 1-100 mt
SCA scores: 85+

community lots

Accessible and mild flavor profiles are found in our great community lots. Grown at surrounding small farms, perfectly processed at our stations. Completely traceable to the responsible lot-chiefs and supplying farms.

Lot sizes: 19-1.500 mt
SCA scores: 80+

where you'll find our farms and stations

We are located in the top-end specialty regions of Ethiopia. Starting from an altitude of 1850 masl, and all semi-forest, forest or even semi-wild grown.  

seedling and nurseries

Together with the community we grow seedlings in our nurseries. Important for a more sustainable production and income. Read more..

coffee farms

While farming in Sidamo, Guji and Kaffa, we share knowledge with surrounding farmers to improve quality and life. Read more..

coffee mill stations

At our wet and dry milling stations we process natural, washed, honey and anaerobic fermented coffee. Read more..

green coffee processing

We clean and package your specialty coffee hermetically in our warehouse. Extremely important to maintain quality. Read more..

Quality, logistics and trade

With a team in Ethiopia and Europe we assist you wherever we can. We value a reliable, traceable and transparant relationship. Read more.. 

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