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Global offerings - Bette Buna

Global offerings

Whether you’re looking for a unique nano-lot, experimental fermentations or for a consistent and whole-year-round coffee supply. Bette Buna offers you a wide range of Ethiopian specialty coffee. Coming with a complete traceable quality. Of coffee, sustainability and service.

Bette Buna - Global

Port of Departure: Bole Airport, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) | Port Djibouti (Djibouti). 

TypeFCL 20"Lot nameorigin & gradeAv. SCAcuppingprocesscroppackagingETD
Special sourced2040Yirgacheffe-187+Mild, clean, complex. Tea-like, stone fruits and floral notes. washed21-2260kg jute + GPAUG
Special sourced1042Yirgacheffe-185+Clean, mild, green grapes, floralnatural21/2260kg jute + GPAUG
Special sourced1060Limmu-285+Mild citric, with sweet stone fruit notesnatural21/2260kg jute + gPJUL/AUG
Special sourced1090Bench Maji-285+Clean, sweet, spicy, wineynatural21/2260kg + GPAUG
Special sourced1091Bench Maji-383+Mild, balanced cup. Spice and winey notes. natural21/2260kg jute + GPAUG
Special sourced1023Sidamo-384+Mild, floral and tea-like. natural21/2260kg jute +GPAUG
Community2Lot AlemGuji; Womena community; 483+Mild fruity, earthy notes and dark praline. natural21/2260kg jute + GPAUG

*This offerlist is only informative and therefore not legally valid until actual quotation has been confirmed by Bette Buna in the Orderform.
**Prices are based on FOB Incoterms (2020). | Addis Ababa (ETH) / Port Djibouti (DJI). 

Understanding our coffee lot ranges

We grow and process our coffee from the first moment on traceable. Varieties, employers, plots, partner suppliers, sustainability outputs, outcomes and other details are logged transparant by our field team.

We then categorize our coffee lots in four groups: farm gate lots, community lots, limited lots and special sourced lots. Each lot named after a person that role models the concept of Bette Buna.

High specialty quality coffee coming from one single Bette Buna farm. Both micro and macro lots with different processing methods.

SCA scores: 85 – 87+
Macro lots with a consistent quality. Sustainable and traceable grown by our community farmers, processed at our stations.

SCA scores: 82 – 85+
Outstanding unique qualities coming from one single farm plot. Experimental processing, and only limited produced as a nano-lot.

SCA scores:  87+
Sourcing for a different region, volume or specific requirements? Meet our reliable partner farmers. We are more than happy to assist.

specialty and commercial

Bette Buna - Europe offerings

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