Lot VE-2402-b

Sidamo - washed

Farm Gate lots 2

single farm lot: bette buna taferi kela

This single farm lot, grown at our own farm in Taferi Kela is harvested in November and December 2023. With classic Sidamo washed flavors lemon, darjeeling and warm spices. Grown and processed completely traceable with love for our customers, planet, people and the community of Taferi Kela.


Lot VE-2402-B
Region Sidama
Woreda Taferi Kela
Farmers Dawit & Hester Syoum + team Bette Buna Taferi Kela
Farm Bette Buna Taferi Kela
MASL 1900-2100
Variety Enat Buna, 74112
Harvest Nov/Dec ’23
Station Bette Buna Taferi Kela
Processed by Team Bette Buna Taferi Kela
Process Washed


Lot VE-2402-B

Fragrance/Aroma Sweet darjeeling, caramel, berry jam
Flavor Sweet, gooseberry, lime, orange, darjeeling
Aftertaste Medium long
Body Juicy

SCA 85.5


Lot VE-2402-B


Lot VE-2402-B
Farm Gate lots 2

Farmers: Dawit Syoum & Hester Syoum – Westerveld.

Harvested by: Dawit Syoum, Hester Syoum, Haile Tadesse, Tangut Syoum, Mersha Syoum, Messai Syoum, Delemash Hailu, Genene Alemu, Abraham Tekale, Alemne Getu, Aynalem Bogale, Amarech Tafesse, Abaynesh Edama, Asnakech Lema, Atalelech Tsige, Abebayo Demise, Abayne Beyene, Emush Tafesse, Meseret Gudineh, Matios Decha, Meberate De’a, Tebabech Wudneh, Temesgen Zirfun, Tadu Taye, Tadelech Tadesse, Tigist Alemu, Tomas Roda, Debere Doje, Genene Lema, Abraham Takele, Telahun Asfau, Desalegn Debeku, Endashaw Kifle, Legesse Teseche, Gelulat Fiseha, Yeshi Hariso, Bedilu Englis, Yenberun Bubesha.

Processed by:  Dawit Syoum, Demelash Hailu, Hester Syoum, Haile Tadesse, Messai Syoum, Sisay Tadesse.

From farm to fan:  Yeshiwork Tsegay, Burakie Sahle, Nebiyou Elias, Marleen Ruhof, Mentewab Teshale, Degenet. 

About our different type of lots

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Lots grown by a single farm(team). Completely traceable. Available in micro- and macro lots.

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Taferi Kela is more than just a village; it is a living testament to the resilience and beauty of the Sidamo
region. Named to the pitstop Emporer Haile Selassie (Ras Teferi) once made, the green, high altitude hills of Taferi Kela draw an amazing potential for growing coffee. 

Despite the potential soil and diverse forests, the inhabitants of Taferi Kela are facing many challenges to sustain their lives. There are no jobs out of coffee farming, the quality of health care and education causes many disabilities. Climate changes triples the challenges ahead. But the community of Taferi Kela is strong and collective. Together they, and we believe, we can change our future.

As the moon rises, illuminating the path ahead, the people of Taferi Kela rest, knowing that tomorrow they will rise again, their spirits intertwined with the land they call home.



Opportunities for our planet

We believe coffee-farming can only continue when the planet benefits from it. We farm towards net-zero in 2025, by todays action on preserving and restoring agroforestry. And teaching and facilitating our community farmers in it. 

Opportunities for our community

Everyone who lives in a geographical zone should be part of the community. Farmers, and far beyond. We encourage young adults to start their micro enterprises in order to create more jobs. We invest in our growing inclusive farming and processing team, and offer talented youth a work & learn program in our coffee academy programs.

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