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Single Farm
lot VE-2402-c

This cherries for this lot come from a single farm plot but a mix of varietals. Some plots still have some of the old mother trees that we haven’t replaced as if we replaced them all at the same time we’d have lose our whole production whilst the new trees were reaching maturity. So in the short term while we’re still in the process of replacing those mother trees with intentionally chosen varietals we still have these plots with a mix of heirloom and known varietals.

Coffee with a future

Cherries are picked and delivered the same afternoon, with the processing mill a short distance from the farm, after that they are put into big concrete tanks, we remove the mucilage over 24 up to 36 hours in fermentation baths. The difference in time depends on the temperature on the particular day we are processing, with heat from the sun lending energy to the fermentation and speeding up the process. After this it goes through a traditional washing process passing through channels and mucilage is removed with wooden sticks. Finally the coffee is dried in parchment down to 11-12% moisture. We then leave it in a mill to rest for several weeks in a warehouse before we move it to Addis where it is milled and polished.


This lot sold out to the early birds!

Lot details

Farm: Bette Buna Taferi Kela

Varietal: 74112 & Enat Buna D’ara Otilicho

Altitude: 1988-2100 masl

Harvest: November-December ’23

Processing: Washed


Latitude: 6°29’56.33″N

Longitude: 38°24’12.35″E

Farmers: Dawit & Hester Syoum, Mersha Syoum, Tangut Syoum, Anchinalun Syoum, Messai Syoum, Alemne Getu, Basha Getu.

Farm team: Dawit Syoum, Hester Syoum, Haile Tadesse, Tangut Syoum, Mersha Syoum, Messai Syoum, Delemash Hailu, Genene Alemu, Abraham Tekale, Alemne Getu, Aynalem Bogale, Amarech Tafesse, Abaynesh Edama, Asnakech Lema, Atalelech Tsige, Abebayo Demise, Abayne Beyene, Emush Tafesse, Meseret Gudineh, Matios Decha, Meberate De’a, Tebabech Wudneh, Temesgen Zirfun, Tadu Taye, Tadelech Tadesse, Tigist Alemu, Tomas Roda, Debere Doje, Genene Lema, Abraham Takele, Telahun Asfau, Desalegn Debeku, Endashaw Kifle, Legesse Teseche, Gelulat Fiseha, Yeshi Hariso, Bedilu Englis, Yenberun Bubesha.

Processing masters: Dawit Syoum & Demelash Hailu

Farm Taferi Kela

Our farm is located in Taferi Kela, a remote and isolated woreda in the South of Sidama, on the opposite side of the region to another much more well known woreda; Bensa. Although it is less well known Taferi Kela has all of the same conditions necessary to produce exceptional coffee; high altitude, ideal climate, rich fertile soil, healthy plant life, and most importantly strong community. Read more..

In 2019 we inherited our grandfather’s farm but our understanding of its significance was developing long before then. When we visited the farm and saw Grandfather Syoum’s leadership within the Taferi Kela community it showed us a path to provide opportunities. The farm there was and still is our framework for a holistic approach to growing something strong and lasting. Our family farm is the first step towards using coffee, coffee farming and the wider industry as a tool to have impact and build good meaningful jobs. A step towards not only adding value for people but affording them opportunities to add value for themselves. Read more..

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