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natural anaerobic Taferi Kela

Limited single farm
lot VE-2410

This one is a natural anaerobic that was fermented for 72 hours, this one was processed under the guidance of Dawit and Sisay who are our lead processors in Sidamo. Sisay was in the military where he was injured when a bullet hit him through the eye, thankfully passing through without damaging his brain, this kind of injury left him with a lot of trauma and a feeling of stigma.

Precision and diligence

Through his time in the military Sisay developed a very disciplined approach to work which is very suited to his new career as a coffee processor. In particular the more involved processing that is required for honeys and anaerobic coffees requires precision, and diligence, Sisay is an invaluable team leader in our processing endeavours and we are so lucky to have him.

After picking cherries were sorted for density by floating, following this they were put into sealed fermentation tanks where spontaneous fermentation occurs thanks to healthy microbiome and local yeasts rather than inoculation. We like working in this way rather than introducing bought yeast strains, it is only possible because of our chemical free farming and we do think it leads to a cup profile that better accentuates our particular environmental niche.

Lot details

Farm: Bette Buna Taferi Kela

Varietal: 74112 & Enat Buna D’ara Otilicho

Altitude: 1988-2100 masl

Harvest: November ”23

Processing: Natural anaerobic 72 hours


Latitude: 6°29’56.33″N

Longitude: 38°24’12.35″E

Farmers: Dawit & Hester Syoum, Mersha Syoum, Tangut Syoum, Anchinalun Syoum, Messai Syoum, Alemne Getu, Basha Getu.

Farm team: Dawit Syoum, Hester Syoum, Haile Tadesse, Tangut Syoum, Mersha Syoum, Messai Syoum, Delemash Hailu, Genene Alemu, Abraham Tekale, Alemne Getu, Aynalem Bogale, Amarech Tafesse, Abaynesh Edama, Asnakech Lema, Atalelech Tsige, Abebayo Demise, Abayne Beyene, Emush Tafesse, Meseret Gudineh, Matios Decha, Meberate De’a, Tebabech Wudneh, Temesgen Zirfun, Tadu Taye, Tadelech Tadesse, Tigist Alemu, Tomas Roda, Debere Doje, Genene Lema, Abraham Takele, Telahun Asfau, Desalegn Debeku, Endashaw Kifle, Legesse Teseche, Gelulat Fiseha, Yeshi Hariso, Bedilu Englis, Yenberun Bubesha.

Processing masters: Dawit Syoum & Sisay Tadesse

Farm Taferi Kela

Our farm is located in Taferi Kela, a remote and isolated woreda in the South of Sidama, on the opposite side of the region to another much more well known woreda; Bensa. Although it is less well known Taferi Kela has all of the same conditions necessary to produce exceptional coffee; high altitude, ideal climate, rich fertile soil, healthy plant life, and most importantly strong community. Read more..

In 2019 we inherited our grandfather’s farm but our understanding of its significance was developing long before then. When we visited the farm and saw Grandfather Syoum’s leadership within the Taferi Kela community it showed us a path to provide opportunities. The farm there was and still is our framework for a holistic approach to growing something strong and lasting. Our family farm is the first step towards using coffee, coffee farming and the wider industry as a tool to have impact and build good meaningful jobs. A step towards not only adding value for people but affording them opportunities to add value for themselves. Read more..

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